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Let’s start from scratch: What is a Creative Agency?

Creative Agencies 2022

Branding isn’t a magical potion that you can drink and wait for the miracle to happen. It requires time, effort & creativity, I bet you don’t have time for this. There is a huge business to manage after all! You can do it if you have a team for this task but in typical scenarios, you need an agency for this.

A creative agency is like the right side of your brain, CREATIVE! But what does that creative side do? A creative agency can do more for you than your entire business. The small investment you do can return 100x the money.


Okay, I won’t drag anymore.

A creative agency manages ad campaigns & social media and targets people that might be interested in your business. It sets the creative ground for your business, the designs, the templates & the colors & the LOGO.

Who’s writing?

Co-founder Aleesha

Creative agency of the year

Now that you know who we are, what we do & what for let’s move to the next part.

Meet the Team

We are a bunch of creative individuals designing, creating & boosting sales. Here are all the people we have on our team.

  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Brand and Content Strategists
  • Writers and Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Graphic Designers
  • Content Distribution Specialists

Apart from these amazing team members, we have two super passionate founders as well.

Let’s meet them now!

Syeda Sukaina Shakeel – a creative individual (expert in graphic designing btw)

Sukaina is the most fun person to be around, cracking jokes while working is what every person wants right? She gels well with every person & our clients absolutely adore her. Quick & accurate in making big decisions, ignited with the fire of working she is the powerhouse of our agency.

Syeda Aleesha Shakeel – I am the cutest funky soul in the agency

It’s funny how people like to compliment themselves, I never do it. By the way, our founder is a very fun person to be with, talkative has a lot of ideas. I cannot write more about myself so that’s it for now. I’ll ask the other writer to discuss it in some other blog. Do read it.

This is all for this blog, all the how-tos & simple tricks to boost your brand image will be shared soon!

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